Roulette Tips to Save Your Bankroll

Many players are in great need of good roulette tips to fight the one way flow of chips from their stack into the dealer’s tray. Many gamblers blame their ill fortune on bad luck. The reality is that their losses come from bad strategy.

The alleged strategy employed by most translates to betting their favorite numbers or guessing wildly between red, black, odd or even. This is not a strategy. If winning were this easy, then the casinos would quickly cease to exist.

The vast majority of players also lack any coherent money management systems. Money management relates to the amount of your wagers each spin of the wheel. Failure to utilize good money management techniques can result in depletion of chips before that great run has a chance to occur.

Which wagers you select relates to your underlying play strategy. A smart strategy requires more than guesswork and superstition. It often requires a complex mix of varied wagers which when combined yields one larger synthetic bet.

There are also nuances between American and European roulette. American roulette has both the 0 and 00 slots, whereas the European version has only the 0. Different casinos offer varied versions. Your strategy must adapt to the version you are playing.

Testing your strategy requires help. You can not just test it by simulating 100 or so spins of the wheel. You must test your thesis against millions of spins. The only way to do that is by using today’s cutting edge software.

There are myriad combinations between strategy and money management yielding infinite permutations of potential roulette philosophies. Testing them all on a parallel basis is impossible without computer assistance. Luckily, there are now good software packages available.

If you do your research you will see the roulette tips given by experts all relate to removing your emotions from the equation. Software allows you to effectively insulate yourself from the psychological tricks employed by the casinos. Become a smarter player today.