Here is the Simple Secret to Winning a Poker Tournament

Here is the secret: Raise. It’s that simple. Raise, raise & raise again.

If you are not raising, you are not winning.

In a poker tournament there are opportunities starting from the middle of the tournament to accumulate chips by simply raising without big hands. One reason is that many players want to survive and play it safe. Another reason is that after a long time period, players who know winning poker is aggressive poker, revert back to their comfort zone of playing a smart, cautious style.

When you notice you have fallen into the trap of playing it safe for a long time period, you have an opportunity to raise and steal pots. When you notice that your opponents have fallen back into this style, you have an opportunity to raise and steal pots. You need to accumulate chips, and you can’t do that by folding.

Remember that tight, safe play gives you the right to raise and accumulate chips because you have a tight table image. So raise and accumulate chips with a wide range of starting hands.

What about your opponents? Have they tightened up their play? A clear signal of a tight table is when most hands are won without ever seeing the flop. If so, that is another signal for you to raise with a wider range of starting hand.

It takes courage to raise without premium hands but that is exactly what the poker pros do to win a poker tournament. Do you know the winning moves that poker pros make?